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Curtis Collins

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      Curtis Collins was born in 1969 in Selma, Alabama. Shortly after his family moved to Orrville, Ohio where he spent his elementary school years and then on to Wooster, Ohio where Curtis spent his preteen and high school years.

      After graduating from Wooster Senior High School, he then went on in 1993 to get an Associates Degree in Business Management at the University of Ohio.

      During the summer 1992, Curtis began studying and writing screenplays, as well as short stories and immediately gained a passion for film production.                   

      Finally in 2016, Curtis was given an opportunity where he was able to put together a very small production using only first time film makers and create his first independent film Hanging Millstone. Curtis would use this experience as his "film school" and has since made multiple award winning shorts, screenplays, and films.   

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